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Vision :
  • To Build Up a Society Based on Love, Truth, Justice, Brotherhood and Cooperation, Rooted in Communion with God.

Mission :
  • Creating a new order in the Society based on Love, Peace, Truth, Justice, Solidarity and Fraternity wherein the values of the Gospels are translated into action with a stress on basic Christian atmosphere spiritually and with a focus on self sufficiency, economically, both enabling the members to live a life in accordance with the divine plan of salvation.

Objectives of Kolping India :
  • To help people especially the poor to live in freedom from hunger, injustice and lead a dignified human life befitting the creation.

  • To promote groups of the target people on the basis of the principles of Bl. Kolping and motivate them for savings.

  • To implement, various developmental and welfare programs for the group members.

  • To enable the group members to attain self-sufficiency in all spheres such as spiritual, economic, cultural and social and to live a community life based on harmony, fraternity and freedom.

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